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Join Us for an Evening Ride!

It’s time to loosen up those legs and get sweaty.  Hart Veloce proudly presents our revived tradition of the much loved and much missed Boutique Cycle’s Tuesday night chain gang that was so popular for a number of years.

Starting and finishing in Hook (the same location as before), we’ll have small groups riding in through and off format, as fast and furious as you can go. We want to cater for all levels and abilities so that does require numbers which we hope we can get. As before, the Hampshire Classic, Little Italy route will be used but we also want to add some variation, cater for roadworks and use some of those longer summer nights, all keeping to suitable roads. Routes will be available to download in advance.

Naturally road safety is paramount, meaning the flow can be disrupted should people feel it is not safe to move out and back to the group.  Common sense applies and it will become very intuitive after a few rides.


Rules of the road apply, we aren’t racing and the safety of riders and others is priority.  Ride fast, ride safe, respect others, have fun.

The idea of the Chain Gang is to create a tight group, working with each other to conserve energy, whilst maintaining pace.

The Chain Gang works on a through and off style of riding.

Great for building endurance, speed and confidence riding in a group.

If you are struggling, still go through on the front, but immediately come off again.

Naturally we want to grow Hart Veloce, and we hope this is a great platform to show our ethos and wanting to support local cyclists in Hart and the surrounding area.


We are inviting all our members and local riders to be a part of the excitement!  

Learn more about Through & Off.

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