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Event Details


Download Route Here




Please arrive at 18h45


Start Location

Car park adjacent to Stolen Goat, Unit 20 Murrell Green Business Park, Hook, RG27 9GR - Limited car parking


Each Group Size

Maximum 8 riders


Departure Intervals

Groups will organize themselves into Advanced +, Advanced, Intermediate and Foundation.

Groups will leave at 3 minute intervals, with the Advanced + group being the first to leave. This

way, if you feel the pace of your group is too much, you can drop back to the next group.



  • Helmet

  • Rear light (non strobe please) . . .a front light may be required early & late in the season



The Hart Veloce Tuesday Chain Gang dedicated WhatsApp group - Join here XXXXXXXX


Non Hart Veloce Members 

Non Hart Veloce members are welcome to join the Chain Gang rides and we would hope that if you become a regular, that you join the Hart Veloce club

Learn more about Through & Off.

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